Hawk Sign conducts fire drills

2019-09-17 11:11:56 webmaster 80

In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of enterprises, verify the functions of fire protection facilities, and enhance the ability to deal with emergencies, on the morning of September 15, under the guidance of the Suzhou Fire Brigade, Hawk Sign conducted a fire emergency drill.

First of all, focus on the video of fire accidents and fire safety in recent years. Subsequently, more than 30 employees of the company participated in fire drills with evacuation, escape, and self-rescue. Finally, the fire extinguishers were used correctly and fire extinguished on site. On-site guidance, and let the employees experience one by one. Through this fire emergency drill, the employees of the enterprise can understand various methods of escape and self-rescue more intuitively and more specifically, enhance the safety awareness of fire prevention, strengthen the self-rescue ability and the ability of solidarity and mutual escape in emergency distress, so as to effectively prevent And played a positive role in reducing the incidence of fire.

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