Employees carry out environmental activities

2019-11-07 10:56:20 webmaster 31

      In order to protect the environment, enhance the friendship between employees, and inspire young employees to be brave in innovation and dedication, on November 2, Hawk Sign organized a “walking and rubbish” campaign with the theme of “Green Travel, Protect the Environment”. Activities, some young employees from the company participated in the event.

      In the early morning of the day, the sky was drizzling, but it did not affect everyone's interest. The lovely plants on the mountain were cleaned patiently by drizzle, full of green, smog, immersed in the experience of a smoky, rainy, fresh air, young people from the foot of the fairy cliff to see the green mountains The trees are green and the flowers are bright and fresh. Walking to the narrow section of the mountain steep road, everyone encourages each other, sings inspirational songs, tells the work interesting things, shows the team style, sprinkles the full slopes and laughs, and all is released from the busy work. At the same time, the garbage competition was carried out. The young people marched along the 5km long mountain road while picking up rubbish. They all competed as “quick kings” and promoted the concept of green environmental protection for the tourists who lit the confetti everywhere. "Tian Shui Lan" plays the role of a youth league member.

      The event aims to help young employees build a sense of environmental protection and enjoy a low-carbon life. Strengthen employees' awareness of environmental protection, advocate green travel, and encourage everyone to go out, do more outdoor sports, more contact with nature, and protect nature.

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