New Roland Printing Machine Arrived

2017-02-16 14:10:51 50

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SOLJET EJ-640 Large-Format Printer from Roland DGA

Output Devices: Solvent Printer (24 inches +)

Roland DGA’s SOLJET EJ-640 is a 64-inch eco-solvent inkjet printer designed to optimize productivity and quality while minimizing operating costs. It incorporates dual staggered print heads, an integrated tri-heater system, a rigid industrial design and high-capacity 1-liter ink cartridges available in 4- or 7-color configurations for unsurpassed performance and production capability. The EJ-640 uses new EJ INK, with an ink cost up to 35 percent lower than comparable printers’ inks. In a mirrored CMYK ink configuration, the EJ-640 achieves speeds of up to 1,098 square feet per hour (102m2/h). In addition to dual CMYK, a seven-color ink configuration consisting of CMYK plus Light Cyan (Lc), Light Magenta (Lm), and Light Black (Lk) is available for a wider color gamut and finer details. New Roland VersaWorks Dual RIP software, included with the EJ-640, processes both PDF and PostScript files, including files with transparencies.